Providing a place where we feel safe to create

The Red Hook Art Project, Inc. (RHAP) is a tutoring project that organizes professionals to volunteer to provide children and youth with free classes in visual art and music as well as homework help sessions and stress management workshops.

Driven by a belief that making art is a basic human right, RHAP provides an ongoing and in-depth education in visual art and music to nurture our students' creative talent as the basis for personal transformation, self-empowerment and academic achievement.

We are a small community formed around a need and in which creativity is recognized as central to our mission.

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Student Artwork

08 February, 2017Posted In : Uncategorized

"Blue Wolf", By Gabriel,2016, Marker on paper READ MORE

RHAP students commissioned to paint a mural at Coffey Park

14 February, 2017Posted In : Blog

RHAP students were commissioned in August of 2016 to paint a mural near a playground in Red Hook’s READ MORE

RHAP students accepted at Edward R. Murrow Highschool

14 February, 2017Posted In : Uncategorized

  Four of our older students were accepted at Edward R. Murrow High School, an excellent Brookl READ MORE

  • What Our Volunteers Say

    Volunteering at RHAP is the most rewarding and engaging thing that I do in my week. The students are full of energy and I feel lucky to work with them, and to be part of the supportive community that RHAP has fostered over the years.

    Peter B. (Visual Art Class Volunteer Tutor, Artist)
  • What Our Volunteers Say

    I’m very honored to be helping students with their homework assignments. I’m very passionate in helping students, especially students who need more attention, as they may have a learning disability. At an early age I was diagnosed with dyslexia, and can approach tutoring with a different perspective as I have used my disability to an advantage.

    Pearl M. (Homework Help Volunteer Tutor)
  • What Our Volunteers Say

    The experience of volunteering at RHAP is incredibly rewarding. The openness and talent of the students is inspiring.

    William M. (Music Volunteer Tutor, Studio Owner)
  • What Our Volunteers Say

    It’s a pleasure to be teaching piano and voice to such a smart and fun group of young folks. I especially enjoyed doing a transmedia workshop that connected Red Hook youth in Brooklyn with youth in Nicaragua

    Katy W. (Music Volunteer Tutor, Musician & Filmmaker)