Deirdre Swords, RHAP Founder and Executive Director(Non-voting Board Member) Working fine artist, RHAP Visual Art Tutor for ten years, Music Tutor for one year

Tiffiney Davis,  RHAP Co-Founder and Managing Director
(Non-voting Board Member) Visual Art Tutor for five years, Music Tutor for three years, Homework Help Tutor for four years

Carol Bove, Chairperson
Working fine artist and RHAP Visual Art Tutor for three years

Jehanne Henry, Treasurer
Lawyer and Senior Researcher, Human Rights Watch, New York, NY

Lisa Steiner, Secretary
Working fine artist, RHAP Visual Art Tutor for two years

Rachel Schapira
Working Puppeteer and Set Designer, RHAP Visual Art Tutor for six years

Rachel Schulder
Working fine artist, Art Specialist at Good Shepherds Services, Inc., Red Hook, NY

William Matelski
Recording Studio Owner and RHAP Music Tutor for five years