Making Cartoons Of And For My Family

This winter the Second Generation Visual Art Class has begun a Cartooning Project and, to kick this segment of our studies off, we have been blessed by visiting artist Bridget Elias’s workshop entitled “Making Cartoons Of And For My Family”. Ms. Elias began cartooning by simply drawing cartoons on her sons’ brown paper lunch bags. These cartoons were usually about things that had happened the day before. Soon she had developed characters for each member of her family and was drawing long cartoons! We loved seeing her incredible work and were moved by the purpose of her creative enterprise: to communicate with her loved ones about poignant (and often hilarious) events in their shared family life.

red hook art project
​Recent drawing by second generation visual art student Karla (age 13)

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RHAP’s response to Banksy

In October 2013, when the world-renowned street artist Banksy was in “residency” in New York, our students studied the history of street art and responded to his Red Hook “tag” (just a few blocks away from our space) with a mural of their own. It was a joyous event and their mural remains (on the corner of Wolcott and Richards Streets in Red Hook) as a testimony to their creative spirit.

red hook art project

Video Pal Workshop

RHAP students took part in a one month transmedia workshop lead by musicians and filmmakers, Katy & Joel Mejia, where they filmed themselves making art using go pro cameras that were shared with their “video Pals” in Managua, Nicaragua from the arts organization, Atelier Favela. The themes covered in the workshops and after school activities included cultural identity, media literacy, environmental conservation, bi-lingual communication, creative expression, community building as well as understanding what it means to be a global citizen.

atelier-favelaAtelier Favela in Nicaragua is a humanitarian organisation that supports the poverty-stricken children of Ticuantepe Nicaragua. Through lessons in Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Circus and Capoeira at our cultural centre we hope to stimulate personal development in our students. In this way these children can grow up to become independent adults with a future in the arts or whatever their passion may be.
RHAP shared their videos and art with participants from Nicaragua.

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